As Dimin Mining, we consider "the environment" as a 'relic' to be passed on to future generations. We carry out sustainable mining activities by protecting the environment, the world and the human and adopting good practices around the world as a model.

Adopting a production principle and using technology with the motto "Protect the Nature and It Will Protect Us", DIMIN Mining aims to contribute to the development of the mining industry.

To reach our environmental goals for a sustainable future, the Group will consider the following principles in all its projects and operations;

  • Adhere to applicable obligations of environmental laws and regulations and provide compliance with any actual amendments to the legislation,

  • Prefer environment-friendly technologies,

  • Monitor, assess and continuously improve the environmental impact of our processes to continuously improve our environmental performance,

  • Develop and implement an environmental management system that defines, assesses and effectively controls environmental factors and risks,

  • Carry out rehabilitation activities during and after mining operations,

  • Raise the awareness among all our employees through trainings to minimize behavioral risk factors associated with the environment,

  • Reduce the consumption of natural resources and ensure the efficient use of natural resources,

  • Reduce waste at source, improve and promote recovery, and collect and dispose of waste.