The world's value dating back to thousands of years is hidden in fertile lands.
For 30 years, we have been producing, processing and transforming precious natural stones that witnessed thousands of years of history from generation to generation.

Today, Dimer Group continues to grow with its over 1,000 employees and operations in several industries and has strengthened its place among the strongest companies in the world.

As Dimer Group, our journey started in 1988 as engaged in Pit Mining. Existing in several industries from past to present, our companies continue to grow with their innovative products that steer both natural stone and mining industries in almost 70 countries in 5 continents.

Dimer Marble consisted of two pit operations and a management office with a total of 30 employees until 1997. With the plant established in Diyarbakır, the number of our employees exceeded 400 and many new pits and new products were initially produced accordingly.

Dimin Mining started its operations in 2008 with its 200 workers. Possessing iron ore, copper and precious metal (Au - Ag) properties, our company is primarily engaged in metal mining. Today, it is one of the leading companies in Turkey in terms of production capacity.

Dibaz Basalt was established in Diyarbakır in 2005 with about 150 workers. The company processes our local basalt stones by its state-of-the-art machinery and make them available for use in major domestic and overseas projects and has adopted the mission of turning Diyarbakır Basalt Stone into a brand.

In 2012, Difer Energy started to operate for the establishment of solar and wind power plants in various regions with its 50 workers. The company greatly contributes to national power generation thanks to its installed active power plants.

Dirisa Construction started its operations in 2016. Having accomplished large scale projects in many provinces of Turkey, our company strengthened its position in the industry with the D Beach Houses project in Bodrum Yalıkavak.

Diyor Forest Products was established in Diyarbakır in 2005 with about 100 workers. As a modernized industrial establishment, it is engaged in timber processing and door / panel furniture manufacturing.