It is an iron ore (magnetite) operation located 40 km to Bingöl province and 30 km to Genç district.

Avnik Iron Operation has been run by Dimin Mining since 2008. Backed by its about 450 employees, it is one of the leading Iron ore producers in Turkey. After the produced ore is transformed into pellet cake at Avnik Iron Operation processing plant and subjected to quality control at its own laboratory, it is supplied to domestic and foreign markets.

Avnik Iron Operation Logistics

Iron ore is delivered from our pit stockpile area to Suveren stockpile area by trucks in ready-to-ship condition as fine and lump ores as well as in the form of pellet cake (as concentrated ore). The iron ore stockpiled in our Suveren stockpile area is hauled, by railway, to our domestic customers to whom we supply Iron and Steel, to our stokpile area in Iskenderun and to stockpile areas of ports where we export goods. Haulage is completed by loading ore onto open hatch cargo vessels so that they are transported from our stockpile area and port stockpile areas to customers.