Our companies are organizations working for the development of our country while developing their own corporate culture, which is rapidly adaptive to changing conditions, human-oriented, tolerant, integrated with society, innovative and open.

Our companies, each of which has marked great achievements in international competition, contribute to modern civilization and to protection and enrichment of universal values while developing their corporate personality. While ensuring the sustainability of the environment-oriented mentality at every step taken for the future, they also take necessary actions with day-to-day renewed technology at their facilities to minimize the damage to the environment as part of environmental awareness.

The attitude, mentality and behavior unity that has been created and maintained by our group over the years is the most important characteristic that makes us distinguished from other companies and groups. Having a background full of achievements, our group companies are among the leading companies first in their regions and then in Turkey and they are acting with the vision to become a leader in the industries where they operate. Our group, which operates in marble, natural stone, metallic mineral, energy and forest products industries, has further investment operations in tourism and construction industries.

With its advanced technology, high quality and dynamic manpower, Dimer Group will continue to enhance the value of its brands on a global scale and will always be ready for future and competition with its new investments.

Yours faithfully,

Chairman of Dimer Group